Pain is overrated. Writing is overrated. Expression is love. I see black people. Tardss. Asd. Adasasd. I'm confused. Sad. I'm an alcoholic. Me too! The peanut is neither a pea, nor a nut! oh, is a nut. Umm. 1337 i am. Hey. Echo. Echooo. Hellloooooooo outtttt theeeerrrrreeeee. Deafening far away silence. What is this. This is.... Your conscience. ..... A digital version of multiple personality disorder. Its 1:11 in the morning. Your are sleepy. Aye. Very very sleepy. Vegetables are my tarmac. You will step away from the computer..... Argh. And go to bed... In a fog. Wow this is different. Is it all javascript. Different this is... No thers more. A periodic table of elements,, several religions and pets. Indeed. Interesting..... Quick poll. Go aheadf. How many ppl stumbled here. Whast this. I just stumbled here right now. Poll away. I did. I did. I did. Suck. Hello. . It would be pretty random to get here otherwise. So thats 4 stumbled and 3 that dont know whats going on. So who else is a loser with nothign to do besides hit that stuble button. Great. Tits. Me. Tits are gross. Stumbled... Me. Hairy. So have u stumbled upon any cool site besides this tonite. Yeah, alot. Me2. Ever heard of just tried it. ... Yea i saw this cool flash game that lets u blow things up. *cough*. As if you were a chemist heres the link:. * it was a joke... the google thing. I figured. This is odd because you don't know who says what. Off to stumble again... after a thumbs up....ciao. U suck. Goodevening. That one's pretty funny. Yea i saw this cool site it was like pop up videos for youtube. Quite interesting. Kinda weird. Precisely. Found it while stumbling. Agreed. This site blows. Yea it let u comment youtube videos real time. You blows. No, you blows, douche. No you. Really does youtube let u comment videos aready. Haha, well atleast i'm not retarded. Hoot an annny. Yea but not on the screen. What. I'm sofa king we todd did. I may be retarted. Yeah, i figured that out already. Yea it lets u post it on the screen like vh1 popup videos or something. You are. Whats the link. ...stumbling. Its no wonder the aliens keep landing in northern georgia instead of washington This blows........ going. Stumbler 2. Unknownhinson dot com. Your mom. Sup. Your mum. Nutin much. This is pretty gay. R tard. So are you. So are you. Right... Time to stumble my way across the internet... . Happy. . In s. *wind howls through the empty webpage*. Dont howl at me. Hi! This is tight y0. Yeah it is. Totally. Stumbly stumbled. Troogle anyone. What the hell. Hmmmmm.... Strange. Meet the bubbles. What the. What the hell is this. This is groovy man. This is pretty cool. i wonder what good it does though. Is anyone else here. . Yes. Krakatoa. A-a-ahemm. I'm here. (thank god). Indeed. What,. Sex candy armageddon. I need to eat. Hello it's friday and im m. Bored at work. . Girls, dejaos follar, os va a gustar! Ping. Lalala. Hello. Whoo! Wtf is this about. So speak up ..... be a friend. ==>. It's 6:04 in the morning now and instead of sleeping i'm doing this . Why why god why. Hi. This think is retarded. Fjadlk;fjdkla;. Asldkfj. A;sldkfj. O0. Me 2. Hot diggidy, work sucks ass. Yo you yo. You are holy. Woooooooo. Cheese. Cheesy peas. Wooooooo. Shizzle my dizzle fo hizzle in de nizzle doggy fizzle tele vizzle fo shizzle wi Okkkkkk. Wacha doin. Hi. Fantistic stuff. So i c. Nice. 2 kool. Cats pjs. . Wahtup. Hey. Nottin dude. Helllo. Dude. This is sweird. Sweird arite. I just like this web2.0 stuff. Something different every day. Where are we. I spookyland .... Wheres dublin. Panties. Hello. Oo. Wtf what is this ooooo i se some new ideas....kewl. Haha]. Dildo. . Suckers. I like chicken and rice. Scrotum. Whats the weather in the east anyone. Interesting concept. Hi. Hello. Hihi!! Hi. Whee! Whee. Wiiwii. Hullo. Hey :). Mosh pit. Do you guys think this is cool or what - its cool. now im going to make myself a nice cup of tea and read some math, e !!!!!!!!! !!! ,,,, ! Lol Lool Loool What's going on! :) Looool Loooool Muuahaaaaa Lawlz Wassup people Lowlz Whats happening This some strane yoo ^^ =======>. O. 8===d-- o:. *-*. Can you guys see this? A new story. Begin. Cik ir pulkstens? Once upon a time. At nine o'clock in the evening. In a far away land... There was a little girl with a snake. She liked snakes very very much.. And they liked her, too. Until one day.. This particular snake's name was mozart, because of the musical way it hissed i Until one day mozart stopped hissing!! And started talking instead. And mozart said... Hmm... strange - the little girl thought. And mozart said -. I'm sick of hissing! "i am getting hungry, little girl. it is best you let me go now so that i do n Ot eat you. The little girl considered this for a bit and finally decided... To join the snake chior. (choir). So te little girl joined the snake choir, and all the snakes liked her excpet o Stooooooooooooooop. Game over. Aww. A new story. You didnt like the story? Okay new story. You start it,. So, it was a friday evening. No you. Qisgv0. 5645348. H you stop. Noooooooooooo. Mwahahhahahhahah. 123456789. Abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. Pffffff. Coded story. _____ .-' ` .-. (..) ).( this one even fits in a .sig ;-) Once upon a time in a land far far away in east texas. Thats not so far... Boobies are stupid cuz im a. Have you passed your driving test? There was a kingdom called houstonia. Yeah nice ... Hello from belgium lads. Stumbleupon power. Blah blah. Sverige r bst. ... jag r varulven gr. Now this was a long time ago before the internet. Help !!!! Roksana amelia. : i stopped thighting my inner demons, we're on the same side now. R.o.x. Ridiculous. Monkeys. So no one there knew there were any other poople anywhere. A bunch of stuff and no order -- just like life. Time for a new story:. Once upon a time. Not too long ago. In a backyard barbeque pit not so different from the one around the block at yo Now you know i mean people but back then they were called poople. Wow not one person is in here besides myself. Welcome. These poople were very nice to each other. Visit --> for flash game hacks. Seriously! Love love love love love love. J: r u ok? write. c. They did not use money. They used our money and i realized that it was in face mine. Why is no one here. I am active. Please help me comment more things. Comment comment comment. They traded evenly, goods and services, and kept in their minds the balance. And at that point, the mongoose realized why it was chewing on a gumball. Oh hello there. Scrub a dub scrubs. Are you a real person. What up. Indeed i am. Are you? Or are you a robot? Yes i certainly am. 00100010110 001011101001 1100010111000 110100001101010 010101000011110. I r robot. Please don't speak to me in that tone of voice. Parse error. does not compute. Return null. Farethewell fellow computer user. Computation is only for earthlings. I write my story only when i am alone and undetected. Pray tell tho since you remain, how goes the fledgling website. Ah he is gone. I shall continue my story. No one ever questioned anyone about the continuous balance of goods and service Greetings. Poople trusted each other. Nice story. Wtf. Well hello everyone. Greetings and salutations. Anyone here? nope. Bemmmm. Wyyyyy. Jaaaa. Hello. The kidneys are bean-shaped excretory organs in vertebrates. part of the urinar The kidneys are located in the posterior part of the abdomen. there is one on e The kidneys are retroperitoneal, which means they lie behind the peritoneum, th Stumbleupon poweeeer! Anyone else here? Are you up already. Aye. 10:37 am over here. Need help. ? Yeah according to your ga computer. I got sent here from snowmeet. Bleh. Oh! Do you like this site. I do. This is really weird. So where is "over there," hmmm? "over there" = maine for me. Jam. Something tells me i should know what this is but i don't. I have a lovely bunch of coconuts... Its an anonymous im. In maine thats fairly unusual. Xd in reference to the song. Hmmmmmmmmmmm?????????????? Well!!! Ziui. Sneaky. Eehhhhhh.... what. One day a poople child saw an upside-down leaf in the forest. Can you paint with all the colors in the wind? Red orange yellow blue purple green brown black my kindergarten crayon box. Hello. Wtf is the point in this .. Wtf is this. Huh. Hu. Wrecked 'em?!!! it damn near killed 'em!!! What's up? Hehoo. Visit --> for flash game hacks, etc. The poople child knew that this meant an interloper was present among his poopl I poople upon you! Sneaky sneaky but i am hip. Put this fish in your ear -ford prefect. I will not speak until you are disappeared. Alritey then. He hurried into the village (of houstonia, remember) to warn his poople. Wth. The cake is burning. Buy a ne one. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 110100001101010. The poople child told his mother and father and they told the village leader. Hi. I am sorry i missed you, hi. What ? What a mess this is ! . Lalalala i don't know but yeah hahaha. This is ing lame. There's in my waffle. Eat my dirty socks. Suck my. 1101. I love diet coke. It's soooo good! I am so horny!! What happened to chatfolk?!? Oh this. 1337. 2337. 3337. 4337. 5337. 6337. 8337. O. . Hi. Wee. S s lol. Good morning. Gfhdfgh. Evreything ok? K. Yes so far thank you. Just another line in a long list that aliens will have to read to discover what These idiots are talking about.....pheeeeew! Hey. What the. The village leader was somewhat taken aback. Phung shway intoxication was the answer. self destruction was the process. :]. Mail me - i'll be dead next week. I forbid you to speak in that manner. To me leastaways. Hehe. Hi im comin. a girin... :d. Nmvbn. This is la,e. Oops i mean lame. Who plays runescape here?? Any internet games?? 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Wow this has changed a lot since i've last been here. Who's there? I've been watching lonelygirl15 videos for the past five hours and randomly dec What happened to my comment? Boo. Eek. Wtf. Bah, i keep missing people. How do you tell where one comment begins and another ends? Yes. hi. \ . You can't tell. L. Oi. K. Kik'j. G. Y. . Ui. Jj. I. N. J. You. Dfgdfgdf. Gfdgfd. Gdf. Gfd. Df. Dfg. G. Fd. Fdg. Dg. Gd. Fg. That last, for instance, was you. What is you favorite band? Hi people! Asdasd. Who is there. Why did you change the layout? What the? 9736177268 for hot lovin'. I am. This isn't as good as the faders. Http:// for flash game hacks, etc. Poop is for? Stunning funny posts -- My eyes hurt. My head is spinning. Kjlj\. I'm high. Real high. High on what? Bite me!!! 324324. Money still the company, weezy the boss. Hello. /\. Dildo fun 4 all the family. . Crowd round the fire with a 6 way dildo. Gsdgsegers. I can tell you each sentence that is you and each one that isnt. 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Shouve it. Rocmk. Hmm. Uhhh. 86. Http:// for flash game hacks, etc. Big woots? Very big woots? Running on empty. What? Oh awsome. Its multiplayer notepad. All for me. Hello. I am lonely. Hmm...interesting. Whoa. Well here i am again and i'm here alone again...hey anyone want to write a song Add a line. This is the line after the line "add a line.". The cow jumped over the moonie suzuki. Then landed on the dvlas roof. Oops ! something changed here. Uuuu. Penis? . Not the same. 0 peeps active. Okay now its one. I have a small penis! Can i add to this? Ooooo....i like this . reporting on the redneck uprising in suburban atlanta. They are rising up and smacking themselves in the face just for the fun of it . Listen people someone has to pay attention to this problem. people having more If you want to have something to say to me about the previous paragraph you can Now, i want to bring up the subject of religion which in my opinion is the sour Because they spend all their time trying to justify their behaviour to the poin Shut up and deal, said jesus. So we're back at the card game again. allah raises, jesus calls. Buddah laughs and goes in the kitchen for another beer. he's already. In the bag but it'. S. A going thing this card game. Just incase you want some input into this conversation. So let's tell ourselves a story. It's about the sky when it was not so full of plane. And people moving through it. They wandered over the earth. And planted and harvested, lived and died. got to know one another. Got along ok, sometimes someone would act up and the rest of the people. Would remind them of the right way to act. How to behave in society. Now men spend all their time thinking with their s and the women spend all the Money on ways to make them think with their s. Its just pitiful. i love seeing these stupid es on tv who have spent a small fo And it all goes wrong like this one babe who said her nipple just rotted off. Duh>>>hello honey. Do you think maybe someone was trying to tell you something that mayber. You should cease your endless vanity and live in the body you were. Born with??? when are people going to wake up to the united states of advertisi They are being hoodwinked daily into consuming , needing, fearing over things. They don't need or shouldnt' be afraid of???? Do you have bo? Buy this and spray it on'll be swarming with women. why not try taking a Do you really need another pair of sneakers that cost 150$. Jerk! You. People have been had over and over from the time you could rest you slimey litt I could do this all day! I never knew i was so angry with the whole stupid population but it's a mothers Anger because i still think people can learn, can wise up and stop comsuming! Consuming constantly without giving back either with style , service or substan This morning i heard about a natural cemetary where they let you be laid down i At least some folks would finally be wotth something - as ferilizer. But i should get back to the big religious card game. I find it entertaining to imagine all the major spooks gathered round a green f I'm tired now but there will be more in the morning for sure. . S been fun. Someone should come and play with me. Are you out there? She's alive get me rescue code three and thymes and the lemons. Will be coming ripe soon and no one to pick them. We sent all the beaners back across the border. All the coons onto boats back across the water. They say they loved this land but. Never shut about about the good old county and mamacita back. Home in the smoggy hills of mexico city. here's your ticket. Here's your transfer. Load up your eleven kids and six dogs and wave good bye. We'll do without the lemons. And we'll pick our own damn beans when we get fecking sick of doing with out. . Please allow me to introduce myself, im a man of wealth and taste because im ea Two mutha ing songs in one, ohhh. What now biatch. Everyone is so wrong. sucks to be me. Bootybootybootybooty. Wow, didnt this turn gay? It was cool with the whole black screen with gading text. 1 people active. Great. Might as well go back to 4chan. Htgr. Erm..hello? Lol. I love jay. I wandered this earth aimlessly until i saw the light. It turned out to be a guy with a torch lost. Who then pulled a gun on me and took my money. life sucks eh! This new textbox sucks. what happened to the black screen? Hello. Nfqeufbqafq. F. Fa. Faf. Qaf. . Afqaf. I i i i i i. Wow this sucks. Stupid spam..